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Software Development, Cloud Automation & Security Specialists


Cloud Automation
We offer both bespoke and packaged cloud automation services, ranging from setting up a secure hosting environment with CI/CD to setup and management of multi-cloud Kubernetes clusters.
Taking a proactive approach to securing infrastructure and data in the cloud. Most security consultancies either focus on compliance, the 1% of what if's or focus on application vulnerabilities. Did you know each year over 90% of security breaches don't occur through holes in applications, but in how infrastructure is setup and maintained?
Scalable App Development
We've developed large applications deployed over multiple regions on various cloud providers. We're experts in Ruby, Go and Kotlin and have experience with deploying into AWS, Google Cloud and Alibabacloud.


The experts at Sentient Jaikoo have over the years been trusted in developing and deploying cutting edge solutions, all the with smallest tolerances for error.

Our services primarily revolve around cloud migration, architecture, security and automation within AWS, Google Cloud and Alibaba Cloud (Aliyun).


We're busy preparing and finalising a set of products for various audiences.

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